How to Scan

To scan, simply bring the barcode into view in the center of your device’s screen. Barcode Scanner+ will try to automatically detect and decode the barcode; you don’t need to press a button.

You will see yellow dots appear on the screen. These indicate that the application think that it has found part of a barcode in the image on the screen. When it successfully decodes a complete barcode, you will hear a beep and/or vibration, and the results screen will display. (You can enable or disable the beep and vibration under Settings.)

The result screen will show additional information for products, and will present action buttons that can be used to act on the contents of the barcode.

Don’t hold the barcode too close to the camera; it can’t focus that close. The barcode should not fill the screen. You will see a transparent example barcode image in the center of the screen. Align the barcode to this guide to ensure it is at the suggested distance.

When scanning square, 2D formats like QR Code, Data Matrix and Aztec, align to the square 2D example you see in light blue. When scanning wide 1D formats like UPC and EAN product codes, align to the wider 1D barcode example in pink. These two guides will display alternately.

Front-facing cameras

Some devices, like tablet computers, have an additional front camera. Select “Prefer front camera” under Settings to scan with it. Usually, it is only possible to scan 2D formats with this camera.

White-on-black barcodes

Barcodes are typically printed in black on a white background. Some, however, are printed in white on black. To scan these, enable “Invert scan” under Settings. You should see an inverted video image. Note that this function has no effect on some devices.

Scanning in low light

It is difficult to scan barcodes in low or uneven lighting. Some devices have a light, which is used as a flash for taking pictures. This can be turned on continuously to illuminate the barcode being scanned. Select “Use front light” under Settings to enable the light, or, press the Volume Up key on the device if it has one. Not all devices have a light that can be enabled. Note that the light can cause glare which also makes scanning difficult.

Using auto-focus

By default, the application will use your device’s camera’s auto-focus feature, where available, in order to scan barcodes better. This should be left enabled, in general. However, it is possible to disable auto-focus by deselecting “Use auto focus” in Settings.

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