Barcode Scan History

Barcode Scanner+ stores a history of barcodes you have scanned. This includes the contents, time, format, and other related information. You can access the history by pressing the Menu button, and then selecting History.

You will see a list of previous scans. Press one to recall the details of the scan on the screen, and act on it just as if it had been scanned again. Long press to clear one item. You can clear the history by pressing Menu and then selecting “Clear history”.

Exporting history

You can export the data in your scan history, so that it can be read and processed by an external application. The data is exported in comma-separated value format (CSV). The output colums, in order, are:

  • Raw contents
  • Display-formatted contents
  • Format (for example, QR_CODE)
  • Timestamp, in milliseconds since the epoch (for example, 1315175453569)
  • Formatted timestamp (for example, Sep 4, 2011 11:30:53 PM)
  • Other information

Press Menu and choose “Send history”. You will be able to choose from applications on your device that are able to send the data somewhere, such as an e-mail application with which you can send the CSV data to your e-mail address. Note that after sending the data, it will also be saved on your SD card under a directory called “BarcodeScanner/History”.

Copying to the clipboard

By default, the contents of each scan are copied to the clipboard also. To disable this, deselect “Copy to clipboard” in Settings.

Bulk scanning mode

Some users need to scan many barcodes, in order to store and later export the scan history. To make this easier, enable “Bulk scan mode” under Settings. After each successful scan, the application will prepare to read another barcode, instead of displaying the result screen.

Multiple scans of one barcode

By default, if a barcode is scanned several times, the history will only record the most recent scan of that barcode. This can be changed by enabling “Remember duplicates” in Settings. This will cause the history to record all scans.

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