Sharing Info by QR Code

Barcode Scanner+ is not just about receiving information from barcodes out there. It can also send information, by creating barcodes that others can scan off of your device’s screen — maybe another person with a mobile device like yours. Barcodes can be a convenient way to transfer small amounts of information between devices.

Sharing information

Just press Menu, then choose “Share”. On the following screen, you will be able to choose what type of information you want to share.


For any application on your device, you can generate a barcode that encodes a link into that application’s page in the Android Market. When scanned by another Android device, it will allow the user to quickly download the application.


Likewise you can choose a bookmark from the device’s browers, and share it as a hyperlink encoded in a barcode. Another device can scan the barcode and then access the hyperlink.


Any contact information from your device can be encoded into a barcode. When scanned from another device, it should allow the user to save that contact into his or her own device’s contacts database.

You can choose the vCard format for contact information instead of the default MECARD format by first pressing Menu.


You can encode what is on the device’s clipboard at the moment. This will be disabled if the clipboard is empty.


Finally, you can simply type text into the text field at the bottom of the screen. Press the Enter key to encode.

Saving generated barcodes

You can save the barcodes you generate with this application. When viewing the generated barcode on the screen, press Menu, and then select “Share”. As with exporting the scan history, you can then choose a program with which to store or send the image, such as an e-mail application.

The image is saved in PNG format. Note that a copy of the image file is also written to your device’s SD card under a directory called “BarcodeScanner/Barcodes”.

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